Next Steps:

  • Once you have submitted your enquiry with HWY Rider, our team will contact you for with vehicle availability and payment related details
  • To confirm the booking, you will need to pay the rental amount using the below "PAY NOW" button
  • Mention the Booking ID shared by our team in the "Purpose of Payment" section
  • ​Enter the Rental amount in the "Amount" section. Do not add the advance amount to this amount

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​"We begin the life of a day through the sound of the engine and what it speaks, what it says and finally how it feels. Terrains that we choose to ride are not at ease, more the adventure more the feel, more the feel more the experience. We hold something closest to our hearts when we begin our journey and we live every inch of it till the end. Highway Rider welcomes you in this journey full of adventure."

Highway Rider is a Licensed Two Wheeler Rental company based out of bangalore. We provide adventure motorcycles, gearless scooters and geared bicycles on hourly and daily rentals. Highway Rider is in the business of delivering experiences, something we take very seriously. We know how much each ride means to you, and we work tirelessly to ensure you get the best experience each time you ride with us.