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  • Rider is prohibited from races of any kind or speed contests or competitions for fun/to gain financial benefits

  • Rider can never use our vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs or any other conscious reducing item

  • Riding the vehicle without safety helmets and necessary safety accessories is not advised

  • Rider is prohibited from performing any type of stunts causing danger to self, the pillion or the public

  • Rider is prohibited from riding our vehicle with more than one person as pillion

  • Rider is prohibited from carrying out any type of anti-social acts, crimes or illegal acts using our vehicles

  • Rider is prohibited from riding the vehicle while using any type of electronic gadgets by the rider himself or the pillion causing distraction and loss of concentration of the rider

  • Rider is prohibited from using the vehicle to carry any unlawful/illegal/dangerous activities causing harm to self or the public

  • Rider is prohibited from stealing/replacing any part of the motorcycle in the name of repairs without approval from HWY Rider

  • Rider is prohibited from tampering with the parts and their assembly from their usual setting without the permission of HWY Rider