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Have a question? We've got answers. Take a look at our frequently asked questions below to find what you need. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

  • What is the minimum booking duration?
    Minimum booking duration is 1day (24hours). However, you can choose to return the vehicle early if you don't need it.
  • Who can rent a bike with HWY RIDER?
    Any individual having a valid drivers license can rent a bike. We do have an age criteria for some of the more powerful bikes.
  • Is Fuel included?
    Fuel is not included in the RENT amount. We provide vehicles with anywhere between 2-3 liters of petrol and the customer is expected to return with approximately the same amount.
  • Is Helmet provided?
    Yes. Rider helmet is complimentary. We do charge 50/day for the pillion helmet. All helmets are ISI mark Vega helmets.
  • Is there a security deposit?
    YES. We charge a security deposit of Rs.1000 for scooters and cycles and Rs.2000 for motorcycles
  • What about Speed Limit?
    -YES! We care dearly about the safety of our riders and so we have kept a speed limit of 75kmph for scooters, 95-100kmph for easy riding motorcycles and 110kmph for explorer motorcycles. Exceeding this limit more than 2 times will attract a penalty of 250/instance for scooters and 500/instance for motorcycles.
  • Is there Roadside Assistance?
    We do have an option of roadside assistance if you are within 20kms radius and vehicle has had a mechanical failure with no mechanics available in 2kms radius. Outside of 20kms radius, we recommend you to find a mechanic/garage close by to understand the issue and get the vehicle in running condition.
  • Documents Required for making a booking?
    1) Valid Indian Drivers License and an International Driver Permit (IDP) for foreigners 2) Aadhar Card or Passport 3) Local Address Proof (Rent Agreement/PG Receipt/Hotel Booking Confirmation/Gas BIll/Internet Bill/Office ID or College ID) In the absence of any of the above documents, HWY RIDER can choose to cancel the booking.
  • Do you do door step delivery?
    We provide door step delivery service only for 30days + bookings and the same is charged as per the distance 0-5kms - 150/- | 06-10kms - 250/- | 11-15kms - 350/- | 16-20kms - 450/-
  • What happens if vehicle is returned late?
    There are 2 scenarios a) Informing about the delay in advance. In this case additional per hour charge will apply. If the vehicle is already prebooked then the extension option will not be allowed. b) No intimation about delay. In this case 50/hour for scooters and 150/hour for motorcycles will be charged for first 4 hours, post which the per day rent will be charged to the customer.
  • Is excess fuel refunded?
    NO! Fuel is not included in the rent and riders returning with excess fuel cannot demand for refund for the same. We advise you to plan your ride in advance and fill fuel accordingly.
  • What happens in case of an accident?
    There could be 2 scenarios a) Minor accident - Cases where the damages are small and the repair costs does not exceed 10,000/-. Examples - Brocken Mirror/indicator, Scratches on the body, torn/damaged seat, wheel bend, These costs will have to be borne by the rider or the damaged parts can be replaced and brought back from an authorized service center b) Major accident - Cases where the damage is severe and third party is involved. In such cases, we would require an FIR from the nearest police station and photo/video proof from the place of accident. This will be used to claim insurance. If claim is approved, whatever amount is not covered by insurance will be riders responsibility If claim is rejected, entire repair cost has to be borne by the rider However, if any of the accidents lead to downtime for the vehicle, then 50% of the per day rental amount will be charged to the customer for each day of delay.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Advance bookings made with HWY Rider can be cancelled. Below are the specifics of our cancellation charges - Within 48hours of the booking - NO REFUND Before 48hours of the booking - 100% REFUND
  • If there is a traffic violation during my ride?
    Rider is responsible for any fines that arise due to traffic rule violations. If we receive notification post your ride, we will reach out to respective rider to clear the fine.
  • What about Vehicle Documents?
    We always share softcopy of the vehicle documents via watsapp
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